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Our sister company, Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplaces is a leading supplier of quality wood-burning, gas, and electric stoves, along with fireplaces, Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplaces is recognized for its trusted supply and installation services throughout Dublin.


Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplaces specializes in delivering customers high-quality stoves and fireplaces from significant brands in the stove and fireplace industry.


Their team of fully qualified HETAS-approved installers at Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplaces ensures the proper and safe installation of every stove sold, meeting all government regulations. The company's reputation is built on providing the best home products and installation services.


A strong emphasis is placed on maintaining a personal touch in customer interactions. The experienced professionals at Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplaces offer tailored recommendations to meet individual's unique needs and budgets. Practical advice on cleaning, servicing, and maintaining stoves or fireplaces is also readily available to prevent staining and extend the lifespan of these appliances.

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Looking for the very best in stove and fireplace supply and installation in Dublin, then see Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplaces today.

What Can You Expect From Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplaces

  • An adept and considerate specialist

  • Punctuality is their norm

  • Restoring your space to its original cleanliness

  • Competitive pricing for your convenience

  • Exemplary service quality is our commitment

  • Continual guidance and support provided

Stillorgan Stoves & Fireplace's portfolio contains over 10,000 satisfied customers. See why they are Dublin’s favourite stove and fireplace installers.

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