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Chimney Re- Pointing

Our services also include re-pointing and repairing chimney stacks, in which all work is out carried by our experienced team of specialists.

If there is any kind of deterioration in your chimney mortar, or if it is showing signs of developing cracks you may need to repair or re-point your chimney.
Other chimney services we can provide include a repair of a leaning stack, any kind of bulges in masonry or blown rendering or pebbledash. All these are symptoms of a more serious problem and need to be resolved before they cause water damage or other problems like dampness in your home.

We only use high quality materials for repairs so that you will not have to worry about any future problems. All our services are guaranteed and our workers and technicians are fully insured to give you full peace of mind.

Chimneys and flues are continuously exposed to conditions of intense heating and cooling cycles, followed by condensation and aggressive chemical reactions resulting from the hot flue gases. Chimney stacks are subjected to diverse weather conditions. To be able to be resistant to all these weather conditions and yet function smoothly, proper care and maintenance routine must be followed.

We are committed and well known for sticking to deadlines and providing our customers with great customer service.


Feel free to call the office to arrange for an inspection of your chimney.

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